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Two Ways To Lend your Support

What’s Happening:

Seneca Lake Guardian has recently learned of an ill-conceived plan to convert prime agricultural land into a needless, environmentally and economically dangerous garbage and construction/ demolition debris facility in Schuyler County- the heart of the Finger Lakes.

The project would haul 500 tons of garbage and construction debris every day via 185 truck trips to Cayuta NY where up to 22 tons of waste a day would remain on site, and nearly 30,000 gallons of the forever chemical PFAS-laden leachate would be shipped to Tompkins County Wastewater Treatment facility every year. As is common, Tompkins County’s facility does not have the capability of removing the PFAS from the water before discharging it into Cayuga Lake. The facility could also send this leachate to Schuyler County’s wastewater facility where it would go into Seneca Lake. PFAS chemicals have been linked to negative health outcomes including several different types of cancer and a weakened immune system.

This industry would then haul waste to either Seneca Meadows Landfill, Chemung, or Steuben County landfills, negatively impacting the small communities and rural roads along the way.

The site lies within the Chesapeake Bay watershed, meaning any on-site leaks could get into the very shallow water table, nearby wetlands and streams, and move quickly to the Susquehanna River and on to the Chesapeake- polluting drinking water and many other communities along the way.

We’re urging Governor Cuomo to maintain his legacy of protecting the Finger Lakes from harmful industrial projects by denying the permits outright.

You can help!

Please Lend your Support:

Sign the letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo asking him to reject the proposed Waste Transfer facility. The full text of the letter can be found here.

If you are signing on as an organization, please sign the letter here.

If you are signing the letter as an individual, please sign the letter here.

Please share widely with your friends and like-minded organizations!

Together, we can stop this.

Yvonne Taylor
Co-Founder and Vice President, Gas Free Seneca,
Seneca Lake Guardian, A Waterkeeper Affiliate