Our Mission

• To participate in the development of projects, undertakings, studies, and other activities in coordination with members of the general public, public entities and civic bodies for the primary purpose of properly and appropriately preserving and using Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes in a manner conducive to the environment and to the progress and general welfare of the communities around Seneca Lake and the Finger Lakes region;

• To organize educational and public relations programs for the purpose of advising the general public of all matters relevant to Seneca Lake and its watershed, thereby stimulating public interest and activity in protecting the watershed;

• To encourage citizen participation in, and to disseminate information to the general public concerning, the objectives and purposes of the corporation, including projects to promote sustainable energy, increase investment in water supply/sewer systems, and to challenge destructive power plants, reckless development and decrepit infrastructure;

• To interact with charitable and governmental organizations, agencies and authorities concerned with the use, diversion, consumption and/or impacts of development on Seneca Lake and nearby Finger Lakes;

• To receive and administer funds exclusively for and in advancement of the foregoing purposes; and

• To provide advice and assistance to other groups in the Finger Lakes region with similar purposes to protect Seneca Lake and the other Finger Lakes.