Only ten days left to voice your concerns about Greenidge Permit Renewal!

Greenidge Facility’s Air Permit Renewal

Please join us as we begin our Ten Day Countdown campaign to get as many comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on the Greenidge facility's Title V Air Permit Renewal before the November 19th deadline.

We'll be sending along a reminder for you to share with others each day until Friday, November 19th.

The Greenidge facility on the shores of Seneca Lake poses threats to our air, our water, and our climate. This once shut-down coal-fired power plant was resurrected, transitioned to burn natural gas, and re-powered primarily for private use to create energy for a virtual currency called Bitcoin. Not only is the facility permitted to withdraw 139 million gallons of Seneca Lake's water daily, and discharge it back into the lake at temperatures of up to 108 degrees fahrenheit, but it is also asking to emit over 1 Million Tons of CO2 Equivalents into the atmosphere every year.

As we experience severe flooding and other signs of climate change, the DEC must hear from you and do everything in its power to ensure that the Title V Air permit for this plant is denied.

** If you have any questions about this facility or need more information, please be sure to email us and we'll be happy to chat with you! **

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10 Day Countdown: Greenidge Public Comment

Copy: Only 10 days until the DEC comment period deadline to tell @NYSDEC to deny Title V Air Permit to Greenidge expires. Our fight against #climatechange depends on your input:

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“Proof of Work” Cryptocurrency, the energy-intensive, climate busting form of virtual currency commonly used in Bitcoin, needs thousands of machines operating 24 hours a day for private financial gain. Greenidge Generation, a proof-of-work bitcoin mining facility located in Dresden, NY, is the test case for how serious New York is about its Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act (CLCPA), designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs).

The once decommissioned power plant-turned Bitcoin Mining facility has a Title V Air Permit up for renewal, and with 30 other underutilized or decommissioned power plants in New York potentially following this model, it’s imperative that we tell the DEC to deny this permit.

The environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining is so severe that countries like China have outright banned the industry from continued operation. Other reports have claimed that proof-of-work cryptocurrency mining consumes as much energy as entire countries, like Finland.

How the DEC rules on the Greenidge facility will be a telling predictor of how the rest of New York’s power plants will fall, and how serious we are in New York about fighting climate change.

There are only 10 days until the DEC comment period deadline
to tell @NYSDEC to deny Title V Air Permit to Greenidge expires. Our fight against #climatechange depends on your input. Please use this sample comment to voice your concerns today: