Seneca Lake Guardian is a New York State Not-for-Profit Corporation with 501(c)(3) and is dedicated to preserving and protecting the health of Seneca Lake, its residents and visitors, its rural community character, and its agricultural and tourist related businesses through public education, citizen participation, engagement with decision makers, and networking with like-minded organizations.



Seneca Lake Guardian was conceived by Yvonne Taylor and Joseph Campbell, founders of Gas Free Seneca, and Mary Anne Kowalski , Seneca Lake Pure Waters Board member, when the need for active involvement in the numerous threats to Seneca Lake became apparent.  Seneca Lake Guardian is a Waterkeeper Affiliate, connecting us to the largest and fastest growing nonprofit solely focused on clean water, uniting more than 300 Waterkeeper Organizations and Affiliates that are on the frontlines of the global water crisis, patrolling and protecting more than 2.5 million square miles of rivers, lakes and coastal waterways on six continents, where the goal is drinkable, fishable, swimmable water everywhere. 

Seneca Lake is the heart of the Finger Lakes region, where a thriving agricultural and tourist industry drives the economy.  The lake itself contains 4.2 Trillion gallons of fresh water and serves as a drinking water source for 100,000 people.  While other groups may monitor the water quality or get involved in single issues, Seneca Lake Guardian is the only organization dedicated to actively working toward protecting the lake and the Finger Lakes region from dirty industrial projects that could threaten the health of the lake, our rural community character, the Finger Lakes Brand, or the livelihoods of the small business owners who depend on the lake for their success.

Seneca Lake Guardian will focus on projects to promote sustainable energy, increase investment in water supply/sewer systems, and to challenge destructive power plants, reckless development and decrepit infrastructure not only in the Seneca Lake watershed, but also throughout the Finger Lakes region.