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Your Daily Countdown Reminder on Greenidge

2 Days Left To Submit Your Comment

With only a few days remaining of the comment deadline for the Greenidge project, we're asking you to please submit a comment if you haven't already, and encourage others to do so.

Many Ways to Comment with only 3 Days left!

We're getting down to the wire on the remaining days to make your voice heard. Other facilities like Greenidge will become more of the norm if the DEC renews Greenidge's Air Permit. This should not be a town by town fight. Tell the DEC to deny the Greenidge Permit today!

Comments from Seneca Lake Guardian Business Coalition and Finger Lakes Wine Business Coalition Opposing Greenidge Generating Station Air Title V Facility Permit

The undersigned members of the Fingers Lakes Wine Business Coalition urge the DEC to deny the Greenidge facility’s Title V Air Permit. We are concerned that the power plant, used as a bitcoin mining operation and its enormous increases in GHG emissions, will adversely impact the vibrant wine and tourism industry in the region.

Please don’t let another day go by- send a comment and share widely! 4 Days left!

The Greenidge facility in the heart of New York is estimated to emit over 1 million tons of CO2 Equivalents into the atmosphere annually, when factoring in its on site and upstream emissions.

We must tell the DEC and Governor Hochul that we can't lead on climate change if we don't address this industry, and Greenidge is the test case.

5 Days Left To Comment to DEC on Greenidge!

While Congress considers the Finger Lakes for a National Heritage Designation, an old coal-fired plant in the heart of the region has been resurrected and transitioned to burn fracked gas to power thousands of machines to make virtual currency for private gain.

Only 6 Days Left to Comment to DEC on Greenidge!

We've only got 6 days left to let the DEC know where we stand on the Greenidge gas-fired Bitcoin facility. This is not just about the Finger Lakes.  Greenidge is a precedent-setting test case for this relatively new, little understood industry.  How the DEC rules on this power plant in the heart of the FLX will determine the fate of other power plants across the state. 

Only 7 Days Remaining to tell NY to be on the Right Side of Climate

We Need YOU!

We have just 7 days left to tell the DEC and Governor Hochul that they must deny the Greenidge Bitcoin Mining Facility's Title V Air Permit. This precedent-setting case is drawing the attention of statewide organizations, elected officials and even national and international media because of its intensive energy use and subsequent greenhouse gas emissions.

The Climate Can’t Wait

Day 8 of 10 Day Countdown to Comment Campaign

World leaders are meeting in Glasgow where fighting climate change is a top priority. After nine days of grand pronouncements, pledges and plans, scientists delivered a rude awakening to a COP26 summit that has been called “the last, best hope” for climate action: Earth is on track to warm about 2.5 degrees Celsius, exceeding the world’s shared climate goal by a full degree.

DAY 9 of our Countdown to Submit Comments on Greenidge!

Welcome to Day 9 of our 10 Day Countdown for submitting comments to the DEC on the Greenidge Facility's Title V Air Permit Renewal. We'll be sending you a new message every day until the deadline on November 19th.

Only ten days left to voice your concerns about Greenidge Permit Renewal!

Greenidge Facility’s Air Permit Renewal

Please join us as we begin our Ten Day Countdown campaign to get as many comments to the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) on the Greenidge facility's Title V Air Permit Renewal before the November 19th deadline.
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Geneva, NY Press Conference, end of public comment period for DEC Title V Air Permit for Greenidge

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Greenidge Bitcoin Mining Expansion


Greenidge is an old coal power plant with an already bad environmental history. Once mothballed, it was converted to a gas fired plant for use as a “peaker plant”- toonlybe used when excess energy was needed by the public, and not run continually. Now, its out of state owners at Atlas Holdings want to expand operations for a privately owned bitcoin operation which would consume enough power to fuel 93,000 homes. That’s bigger than 2 of Amazon’s immense data centers.

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