Greenidge Bitcoin Plant

Urgent - Immediate Action Needed

Dear Friend of the Finger Lakes,

Do you love our community, the Keuka Outlet and Seneca Lake? Then, your voice is needed NOW. The Greenidge Generation, LLC power plant wants to expand their Bitcoin mining operations (from 7,000 to 30,000 machines) in Dresden in the Town of Torrey, right on the Seneca Lake shoreline. This will require more electricity and therefore burning more natural gas creating more air emissions, causing more noise pollution, withdrawing more cooling water from Seneca Lake and discharging more hot water into the Keuka Lake Outlet , potentially creating more Harmful Algal blooms (HABs). The out-of-state owners of Greenidge stand to make huge profits, but the damage to our community, our environment and the agri-tourism industry -which employs 68,000 neighbors - all hangs in the balance. Hundreds of local concerned businesses, organizations and community members feel taking time to more fully investigate impacts makes sense. We have nothing to lose by careful investigation of the community and environmental impacts and everything to lose by barging ahead.

How Can YOU help?

1.) Please email The Town of Torrey Board BEFORE their 3/9/21 meeting at: and cc:

Request that the Town Board approve a temporary moratorium on any expansion of Bitcoin mining operations.

2.) Please email The Town of Torrey Planning Board BEFORE their 3/15/21 meeting at: and cc:

Request that the Town Planning Board do a complete analysis of any adverse impacts to our community, Seneca Lake and the Keuka Outlet before making any decisions on the Greenidge Bitcoin expansion. Ask that your emails be shared with everyone on both boards, and entered into their meeting’s minutes.

3.) And/or call the Town Clerk, Betty Daggett, at 315-536-6376 to share your specific concerns, and ask that they be registered with all board members so your voice is heard.


Yvonne Taylor and Joseph Campbell-Founders
Seneca Lake Guardian