PLEASE Call Governor Hochul TODAY!

Dear Friends,

This has been an incredible week!

Senator Schumer sent a letter urging the EPA to exert oversight over Greenidge's Title V Air Permit, which is up for renewal.

We had an amazing press conference on the capitol steps of Albany yesterday, where we rolled out a letter to Governor Hochul signed by over 600 statewide organizations, faith-based groups, the 1199 Labor union, and business owners- a diverse coalition of people across NY- all urging her to lead on climate by adopting a moratorium on Bitcoin.

Then we packed two sessions of DEC Hearings with passionate, articulate speakers all urging the DEC to deny the Title V Air Permit for Greenidge.

Now's the time to keep that pressure going by calling Governor Hocul. Our friends at Food and Water Watch have set up a call line and they're tracking the number of calls generated. So far, we've made 154 calls, but we can do better! It takes 2 minutes, and you can choose to either leave a message (quicker), or talk to an agent. The recording when you call will give you an easy script to follow.

So let's go! The recording will be up until next Tuesday, so please make those calls.

Call Governor Hochul:

Stop Bitcoin mining fracked gas power plants


Call Governor Hochul TODAY at 877-235-6537 to urge her to halt Bitcoin mining in New York, starting with the Greenidge power plant on Seneca Lake, and Fortistar power plant proposed for Niagara County.

Companies are coming to New York State and want to re-open formally decommissioned dirty power plants in order to generate electricity for their private cryptocurrency mining operations.

The kind of cryptomining used to make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies uses hundreds of computers to solve complex math equations. These computer farms are extremely energy intensive. Reporting has uncovered that, globally, this practice consumes more power than some entire countries.

If power plants are allowed to be repowered and used for Bitcoin mining operations in New York, it would pollute our air and water, while drastically undermining the state’s climate goals established under the Climate Leadership and Community Protection Act.

The Greenidge facility, based in the Finger Lakes region, is the first test case for how Governor Hochul will approach cryptocurrency mining and its threat to New York’s climate goals. The plant’s air quality permit is now up for review by Hochul’s Department of Environmental Conservation until October 22nd.

Please call Governor Hochul at 877-235-6537 and urge her to stop bitcoin mining operations in New York, starting with the denial of the permit for Greenidge and the upcoming permit for Fortistar, and to place a moratorium on cryptocurrency mining statewide!

INCREASE YOUR IMPACT by submitting a written public against the Greenidge power plant before November 19th.